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More on Steampunk Watches

When people talk about steampunk fashion or what their perfect steampunk costume would look like, most will only mention three things: goggles, hats, maybe a vest or maybe a corset.

Well, you came to the right spot. There is so much more to a steampunk outfit. Just think how awesome a pocket watch will look on you. It will give your outfit a timeless touch. And I am sure some envious looks any time you check the time on your new steampunk pocket watch.

What is a steampunk watch?

Considering all the images of steampunk watches on this site, I am sure you already got a good idea what a steampunk watch is. But in any case, let me give you a quick overview:

There are two different types of steampunk watches. You may differentiate between pocket watches (my all time favorite) and wrist watches. Both can give your outfit a timeless and awesome touch. I would argue though, a pocket watch will add more to your steampunk look.

Very generally speaking, if you want to go for a timeless steampunk costume, there is almost no way to go around a pocket watch. It just looks mesmerizing when that one person at the party casually pulls out his watch to check the time.

If you, however, prefer a more lowkey look, you might prefer going with a wrist instead of a pocket watch. Generally, those types of watches are more clean-cut and don't add to much of a squiggly dimension to your outfit.

Steampunk pocket watches are timeless.

You rarely see people wear pocket watches these days. Watch wearers almost exclusively carry wrist watches these days. Quite often even a digital rather than an analogue one.

So should one even bother wearing a pocket watch these days?

That is not a question I can answer for you. It really is up to you. Do you want to stand out with your outfit or do you rather want to blend in? Do you prefer a functional or a fashionable outfit?

A steampunk pocket watch will make you stand out. Remember that one guy at the party last month? Pocket watches are fashionable, they are elegant, full of craftsmanship, and discrete. After all, that guy stood out, didn't he?

So you tell me, do you want to express class? Do you want to feel your best? Do you want to be that guy casually pulling out his pocket watch while people are standing around him in awe?

How to choose a steampunk pocket watch?

So let's say you came to the conclusion that you want to add one of our steampunk pocket watches to your steampunk costume.

First of all, congrats! Good choice. But now the hard part starts: What watch will fit your look the best? What type will excite you the most? Let me try to help you answer those questions:

Do you prefer a vintage or a modern look?

With the former you will look like you just came back from travelling time. Did you just snatch the pocket watch off the Duke of Scotland? The latter will look, well.. - modern. More in style with current trends. Maybe square shaped. Maybe a funky color. You get the idea.

There is a more fundamental question you may want to answer:

Do you prefer a mechanical or a quartz watch?

Have you ever heard that ticking sound? It comes from mechanical watches. Those types of watches have a spring that needs to be winded up for the watch to keep functioning. It is powered by mechanical movement. Hence the name mechanical watch. It doesn't require a battery.

Contrary, quartz pocket watches do require a battery. Those types of watches have a tiny crystal inside of them that is charged with vibrations. The battery powers this process.

Again, it is really up to you which of the two types fits you better. Both types function quite well and will give you an accurate time. Generally speaking, mechanical watches require more time and effort. So if you are more on the impatience side, quartz watches might be the way to go for you.

Lastly, there is the vital question of style.

After all, if you were only about function, you would probably not read this right now. So let's dive in right away. There are five types of pocket watches styles:

Open-Face Pocket Watch

This type of a pocket watch comes with an open cover. Its face is often decorated with squiggled hour markers and watch arms. This type of pocket watch is definitely more on the modern side. It combines functionality with sophistication and classiness. A great choice to add a timeless yet modern twist to your steampunk costume or your day to day outfit.

Half Hunter Pocket Watch

A tiny bit less practical than an open-face pocket watch is the half hunter pocket watch. It protects the front with a case. However, it features a tiny opening. So you won't have to open the watch to check the time. This type is a great combination of both protection for your precious watch and practicality.

Full Hunter Pocket Watch

This might be the most iconic of all pocket watches. The full hunter pocket watch type features a protective case that needs to be opened to check the time. The good part about this type is not only the extra protection, but also the incredible design elements this type features. Pocket watches of this type often come with incredible design elements. Something that will surely make you stand out!

Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch is quite similar to the Full Hunter Pocket Watch. There is one special twist though. It features the ability to open the back, and that allows you to observe the internal mechanics and movements of your watch. If the incredible craftsmanship of your pocket watch is something that fascinates you, then get this type. By opening both sides at the same time you can even have it stand on its own as a decorative part of your home.

Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch is a fuse of the Full Hunter Pocket Watch and the Half Hunter Pocket Watch. It features the protective case on both sides with the addition of the tiny opening. So you get the best of both worlds. Practicality - you neither have to open the case, nor to check out the cool mechanics. And also an elegant and unique design. This is the type of steampunk watch that emits luxury and elegance.

How to wear a steampunk pocket watch?

Traditionally, your pocket watch will be attached to a chain. Some of our steampunk vests feature a specific vertical buttonhole through which you can attach your pocket watch. If your vest doesn't have that hole, you can use your vest's buttonholes instead. Just fasten your chain in one of those buttonholes before buttoning the vest up. If neither of those two options work for you, I sometimes attach it to my jeans and belt too.

Stand out with your steampunk pocket watch.

Pocket watch, wrist watch, mechanical, quartz - whatever you will pick: You are adding a cool touch to your outfit. Whether you are putting together a steampunk costume, a dieselpunk outfit or if you just fancy a cool little piece of jewelry that you can wear during your hectic day, I am sure you will find what you fancy here at madburner.

We are constantly curating the best steampunk and dieselpunk items that we can find. Have a look at our five favorite steampunk pocket watches. Maybe you are that one guy at the next party casually checking out time while everybody watches you in awe.