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More about Steampunk Masks

Have you ever seen those in-your-face bird masks? Those masks that make you shiver at night? Those scary, but yet badass masks that used to be worn by plague doctors, and have now made their way into steampunk?

Those plague doctor masks are only the tip of the iceberg. Just think about all the cool face masks you have seen on your last Burning Man trip or while watching the newest Mad Max movie.

What is a Steampunk Mask?

Burning Man and Max Max in mind, you might already have a pretty decent idea of what a steampunk mask looks like. But you might be surprised how many different types there are.

Plague Doctor Mask or Bird Mask

This might be the mask of masks. Hard to oversee. Straight in your face. Maybe even shiver-inducing. But yet, cool. This type is one of our most iconic types of products we offer. Worn by doctors during the black plague, now worn by you. Back in the day, people used to run away once a bird mask appeared on the horizon, now it will make you the focal point. Check out our Red Spiked Bird Mask

Face Mask

I am a big fan of leather face masks. So naturally, this is one of my personal favorites. Most face masks will cover the bottom half of your face. Depending on your personal preference you can choose to opt for cut-outs, different textures (go for leather), and other style elements like straps. Whichever type of face mask you will choose, it is bound to add some edge to your outfit. Check out our Black Leather Face Mask.

Gas Mask

Do you think plague doctor masks are apocalyptic? I raise you gas masks. When I hear the words, Mad Max, this is the type of mask that pops into my mind. Do you like it more rugged? Are you a prepper ready for societal collapse? Do you thrive in dystopia? This might be your perfect fit then! Check out our Double Respirator Mask.

Masquerade Mask

This is the choice for the classy and the sophisticated. I can already picture you in the midst of next year's Masquerade Ball at Carnival of Venice. The crowd goes wild. People are cheering. And there you are, the focal point of it all. We have added a little twist to classic Venetian masks. There is no way around it. Your steampunk masquerade mask will even stand out in an ocean of masks.

Why is a plague doctor mask steampunk?

It might be a little counterintuitive to put plague doctor masks into the steampunk world. Plague doctors date back to medieval times. Steampunk is set in the 1900s so how do they fit together?

Let's dive a little bit deeper.

Plague doctors were the lifeline during the plague. They were contracted to treat the poor and the rich alike. The very distinctive look stems from an attempt to protect themselves from the disease. They covered their whole bodies and tried to minimize any type of physical contact by using a cane that was used to prod patients.

The bird mask was holding incense or herbs in its beak. It was believed back then that limiting the doctors' exposure to the awful air would keep them from becoming sick.

You can probably imagine how effective those protective measures were. It is estimated that more than 90% of plague doctors died from the disease.

So back to our original question: why does steampunk appropriate plague doctor masks?

For one, steampunk is all about science. We might look down on the techniques they embraced back then, but for their time they were at the forefront of science. Considering the mortality rate, you could even call them martyrs for science.

For two, Steamers love costumes. Can you name any other historically-accurate costumes that look this awesome?

How to wear a Steampunk Mask?

With this pandemic currently going, please keep one thing in mind. A steampunk mask is something you should add to your outfit as a style element. I can relate how boring and mundane most people's face masks look like. And I can relate even more that I would like to express myself also by choosing a cool face mask.

But please stay safe and consider health primarily and style secondarily.

Why not wear your steampunk face mask above your surgical mask - That's what I am doing these days.

That kept in mind, there are plenty of other combinations to make your mask stand out even more.

Why not add a pair of goggles to your face mask? Why not go full plague doctor and add a cool hat?

You see, the options are vast. There is only one thing you should keep in mind at all times: Wear the mask in a way that is most comfortable for you. Wear it with pride and be dripping from badassery!