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October 25, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

Last week we covered the difference between Steampunk and Dieselpunk. If you haven’t read last week’s blog post, you can find it here. Dieselpunk and Steampunk can be quite often confused with each other. Frankly, most people will just use the term Steampunk for both. Differentiating Cyberpunk from those two is much easier.

Photo by: Alena Darmel

Our last blog post ended with the statement that Steampunk portraits a clean world that is about to happen. To this, I want to add that the Victorian Age sets a tone of invention and exploration. With that Steampunk fiction tends to have a very hopeful and optimistic undertone to itself.                                    

Cyberpunk = Dystopian + Future + Punk 

Contrary, Cyberpunk is futuristic and dystopian science-fiction. Governments have failed and humankind tries to survive in a broken world by surgically altering their bodies. High-tech plays a tremendous role in cyberpunk with computers and hacking as major elements. In terms of fashion, you will notice quite an urban street style in darker colors. People in the Cyberpunk universe often wear trench coats, and jeans, often with an accentuating neon colored element. You can even find differences between both genres in hairstyles. While Steampunk protagonists often have a clean cut, in Cyberpunk Dreadlocks are the norm. One similarity of both are the goggles worn as accessories.

Photo by: Mark Frost

As mentioned above, when comparing both genres’ style, it is easy to differentiate between both by for example the colors. If you want to put together your Steampunk outfit, you might prefer to use dark, earthy colors. Take for example this vest. Brighter neon colors will be preferable when you are putting together your Cyberpunk outfit. As a woman, you could use this necklace and style everything around it. Sounds easy? Well, it’s easy, but it’s not. As both are sub-genres of Punk they also share commonalities among each other. Take those two trench coats for example. Both the male and the female coat are great examples for a fashion piece that you could use for both styles.

Deus Ex: Dive deep into Cyberpunk

A great example of a cyberpunk universe is the video game series Deus Ex. It’s not only a very fun game to play, it also lets you dive deep into Cyberpunk and it’s setting. From hacking elaborate computer systems to philosophic questions on transhumanism, you will find most Cyberpunk themes in this game series.

Photo by: Alena Darmel

To quickly summarize: Contrary to Steampunk, Cyberpunk is set in a dystopian and futuristic world. Instead of old-fashion steam technology, highly sophisticated computers are the norm.

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As always: Stay mad!


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October 11, 2020

Hey, loved reading this. Good explanation of the difference..

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