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Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Steampunk - which one to choose?

Posted by Julian Petrich on

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Dieselpunk Cyberpunk Which One To Choose

We talked a great deal in the last two weeks what Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk are, and how we can distinguish them from Steampunk. You can find the posts here and here. When we were digging deeper into each of those three subculture’s fashion styles, we were able to identify many similarities. Let’s take Corsets for example like these. It would be easy to use any of those items and wear them as a Cyperpunk, Dieselpunk, or Steampunk character.

Steampunk Colors are universal

One explanation is very simple: Brown and black colors are easy to combine with almost anything. As a general statement, I would argue that brown and black are probably the most universe colors in the fashion industry. More accentuating colors won’t fit any of those three subcultures. Cyberpunk fashion with its neon colors, for example, would never fit a Dieselpunk or Steampunk Outfit.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Outfit Girl

The Steampunk Hat as a divider

Looking at the style of clothes of each subculture, we can see more differences. Those differences don’t come as a surprise considering each of them is set in a different timeline. Let’s compare for example two different hat options that we offer. As a Steampunk Hat example, we will take the Acid Leather Top Hat. Contrary, our Dieselpunk Hat option: Black Military Cap. The difference between those two seems quite obvious. The Steampunk Hat is clearly inspired by the Victorian Age and hence has a classic top hat shape. When looking at our Dieselpunk Hat we can see the military inspiration from miles away. A Cyberpunk Hat would be even more different than those two. It would neither be inspired by the Victorian Age, nor by World War 1 + 2 military uniforms. But by a futuristic or current look: Look for example at the main character of the video game Watch Dogs. He is wearing a baseball cap.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Dieselpunk Outfit Girl

Your choice explained in a nutshell

When you choose your next outfit inspiration, you could go different routes. For example, you might want to look at which of the story settings you prefer. For Cyberpunk a dystopian futuristic, for Steampunk a Victorian, or for Dieselpunk a World War setting. Or you could just look at the broad fashion style definitions to choose your best fit. Do you like to look classy like a stereotypical dame or gentleman? Pick your Steampunk outfit now by browsing through our store. Do you like it more militaristic with sharply defined lines? Check our store for your preferred Dieselpunk outfit options. Do you prefer more of a futuristic look, either as an understatement or accentuated with bright neon colors? Then pick your next Cyberpunk outfit.

I would be very interested to hear which of the three Punk styles fits you best. So please let us know via Facebook or by sending us a message via our contact form.

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As always: Stay mad!


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