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September 20, 2017 3 min read

(Check Steampunk Halloween Outfit inspirations for women here)

Halloween is around the corner. There is only one month left until the scariest day of the year arrives. People are starting to run crazy trying to think of what to wear on that special day. After all, the bad spirits must be tamed, don’t they? But which costume will help best with the taming – that is the grand question after all. 

Interestingly, Halloween costumes have changed dramatically over the years. It is not anymore who resembles the scariest character of them all. But more about what kind of pop culture characters are in trend. Take last year (2016) for example: I have never seen so many Harley Quinns in my entire life before. The Nation Retail Foundation found in their study that more than half of the 2016's top 10 Halloween costumes for adults were pop culture references. Batman characters making up for the top costume choice. While you could just follow the crowd and get your Wonderwoman costume ready, why not dwell in nostalgia? Since you are a Steampunk enthusiast yourself, you could go a different route. There are plenty of cool Steampunk movie characters you could use for your Halloween costume inspiration today.

In this two part series on Steampunk inspirations for Halloween, I will give you a few examples on Steampunk movie characters you could use today to inspire your next Steampunk Halloween outfit. This part will focus on male, while the second part will focus on female characters.

Steampunk Gentlemen: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A-Team meets Victorian Age. In the movie, a group of talented men and women team up for a secret mission. The team features among others Tom Sawyer, Dorian Gray and the infamous Dr. Jekyll. The movie is already an awesome watch. But just pay attention to the characters’ outfits and you will love the movie even more. Especially Sean Connery (as Allan Quatermain) is true outfit inspiration gold mine. Just check the photos to see it yourself. Check out our White Rabbit Collection to find some Steampunk items to build the look yourself.

Steampunk madness: Van Helsing

Van Helsing has plenty of monsters to hunt on Halloween. As busy as he might be, he always seems to have enough time to dress up in his Steampunk gear. Not only does his clothes feature cool coats and fashion accessories. You will also see him play with awesome Steampunk gadgets on his Dracula hunt. Just check the images below and see it for yourself. You can see yourself as Van Helsing this Halloween? Check out our Mad Hatter collection to find your items today.

Steampunk secret darkness: Sherlock Holmes

No Steampunk outfit inspiration would be complete without this elegant British gentleman. Sherlock Holmes has not only his game on when it comes to solve any kind of crime, his outfits are also spot on. The best part? His character gives you room to add a little darkness to your look. Just see it for yourself in the pictures below. If you want to be elegant, smart, but also show the world that there is more to you than your facade, check out our Rulers of Hearts collection.

I hope I could give you a short overview on Steampunk movie characters you could use for your next Halloween outfit. It will be refreshing to see more people defying this year’s outfit trends. Just image how awesome it would be to see a few Van Helsings hunting down even more vampires? Maybe one of you can even catch Dracula? Please don’t take those three movie characters as your only inspiration for your Steampunk Halloween outfit.

Stay tuned for part two on female Steampunk movie characters. Be sure not to miss it by subscribing to the MadBurner Newsletter or by following MadBurner on Facebook.

As always: Stay mad!


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