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Awesome Movie Inspirations for your Women's Steampunk Halloween Outfit

Posted by Julian Petrich on

Awesome Movie Inspirations for your Women's Steampunk Halloween Outfit

Since our last blog post on Steampunk Halloween Inspirations for men (you can find it here) Halloween is even closer. Time is ticking and you still don’t know how you should dress up. So much stress. Good thing today is Wednesday and that means you will get to read another MadBurner Blog post. Even better – this post will give you some ideas on Steampunk movie actresses inspiration to nail this year’s Halloween.

MadBurner Steampunk Halloween Outfit Women

Steampunk Dame: The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is set in an alternative Victorian age. A powerful church named the Magisterium dominates the world. Due to the setting we get to see Steampunk elements everywhere from houses to fashion outfits. But our luck doesn’t stop here. Just look at Ms. Coulter played by Nicole Kidman. As the picture below shows, her outfits are made of conservative fabrics, furs, and hemlines. Golden jewelry like her broach are giving her outfit some edge. Browse through our White Rabbit Collection to find items that will fit the look. 

MadBurner Steampunk Halloween Outfit Women Golden Compass

Steampunk Madness: Van Helsing 

Not only Van Helsing himself is a great inspiration for your next Halloween costume. Kate Beckinsale is your choice if you want your outfit to scream out madness. As the movie is considered horror, you will get lots of inspirations to edge up your outfit. You will see her wear either red or dark colors in tight fitted outfits. Add a few leather elements for example a leather bag like this and some jewelry. A nice little touch will be a sword made from silver to fight off some werewolves. You will find the items you will need in our Mad Hatter collection.

MadBurner Steampunk Halloween Outfit Women Van Helsing

Steampunk Goth: Going Postal

What list of movie actresses inspirations could be complete without a classic like Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal? The story plays in a fantasy version of Victorian Britain. Hence you can expect beautiful Edwardian outfits coupled with distinct British humor. Whether you like the latter one or not, you will love Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart. Besides seeing her sass and giving attitude, you will adore her velvet outfits with deep sophisticated colors. Expect a domineering, yet elegant look. Feeling inspired by her outfit? Then check out our Rulers of Hearts collection to find your Halloween piece today.

MadBurner Steampunk Halloween Outfit Women Going Postal

Bonus: Wild Wild West

A little bonus for anybody who wants to counter-dress against all the sexy witches and vampires this Halloween. Just look at Salma Hayek in Wild Wild West. Her outfit looks stunning and emphasizes her body so that everyone’s head will spin. I am sure any guy would be quite in favor of you taking her as inspiration. Just check our collection of Steampunk corsets and add a cool Steampunk necklace to highlight your décolleté.

MadBurner Steampunk Halloween Outfit Women Wild West

I hope I could give you a few inspirations to Steampunk your Halloween this year. Please don’t take those four movie characters as your only inspiration for your Steampunk Halloween outfit. Follow your instincts and make your outfit fit your vision. 

Also, check our Steampunk movie inspirations for men in part one. Be sure not to miss our next Blog Post by subscribing to the MadBurner Newsletter or by following MadBurner on Facebook.

As always: Stay mad!


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