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September 06, 2017 5 min read

We are lucky that our steampunk community is growing by the day. More and more people are putting on cool steampunk top hats or stepping up their waist game with awesome Victorian corsets. It is hence no surprise that the number of steampunk events is increasing. In 2017 there have been more than 240 Steampunk Events listed so far in the US alone. Those events are great to get to know other people in the community and their individual approach to the trend. You can finally go all out with your Steampunk outfit and maybe find new cool pieces to add. There are usually a ton of independent designers attending happy to share their DIY secrets for their awesome Steampunk accessories. Some events even host little fairs where you can browse through unique collections.

Photo by: Antonio Friedemann

One of the most popular Steampunk events is the Steampunk World Fair. The Steampunk World Fair is full of veteran Steampunk enthusiasts and those who want to become one. It is a great opportunity to show off your new Steampunk outfits and get new inspirations to make yours even greater than it already is. However, for new Steampunker it can be quite anxious making to attend such a huge event for the first time. MadBurner wants to help you with this 5-point survival guide to Steampunk Events to make your next convention a huge success.

#1: Time is of the essence to make it your fun experience

A good preparation starts a few weeks before the actual event. I know, it can be quite annoying to plan and pack in advance. I am also one of those who tend to start packing my bag on the same day I must catch a flight. The result: So much stress and I usually forget my toothbrush.

Photo by: Victoria Borodinova

So, do yourself a favor and start planning for your next Steampunk event at least two weeks before it starts. Make a little organized spreadsheet of things you want to wear for your outfit and other essentials you might need. Once you have made the list, start putting those items either in a separate spot or already in the bag(s) you want to take the event. If possible, think about getting separate bags for your outfits and anything else you will need.


#2: Quick thoughts on what to wear at the event

It is easy to be intimidated by all those people being dressed up heavily at such events. Truth is, it is perfectly ok if you are attending in normal clothes. Nobody will be judging you. Actually, everyone will be as friendly to you as to anybody going full-on Steampunk. The community will be happy to welcome you regardless of what you are wearing. If you want to give your outfit a little Steampunk touch, think about wearing a Steampunk top hat or put some Steampunk Goggles around your neck. Both are low investment choices that are timeless and ready to top off any outfit you might be getting in the future. Lots of Steampunk fans are starting with one of those two items. To get started, check out our awesome Steampunk Top Hats and Steampunk Goggles!

Since you will be up walking all day, think about your shoes. You will want shoes that are comfortable. Blisters could be your only enemy at such events. Your feet will thank you after the event for considering a nicely fit pair.

If you decide to dress up for your next event, think about getting a separate bag for your outfits. Put each outfit in its own garment bag and zip them up. For pieces that could crumple up, try to limit their bag time as much as possible. Try to leave them hanging next to your bag until the day you are leaving for the event. In case you are staying at a hotel next to the event, immediately upon arrival take the garment bags out and hang them up. Smaller accessories fit perfectly into smaller zip top bags. For extra tidiness points you could give garment bags and zip top bags little IDs. 

#3: Survival essentials you should not forget

Apart from your outfit, we strongly recommend thinking about any other essentials you might be needing. Clean underwear, socks, and maybe some fresh PJs should be in any attendee’s bag. Hygiene articles are a must. Don’t forget your toothbrush, soap and deodorant. If you wear contacts, think about packing a few extras. If you are a lady consider packing several emergency pads or tampons. To make many memorable photos of the event and your outfit, make sure you don’t forget your phone and camera chargers. Personally, I always have a portable phone charger with me. If you need any medicine, make sure you will have enough for the event beforehand.

Photo by: Antonio Friedemann

#4: Things to remember at the event

Drink water. I cannot stress this enough. Drink lots of water. I have never been on an event that didn’t have any bathrooms. Hence, there is really no excuse. If you like drinking alcohol, this is even of more of importance! If possible, think about bringing your own drinks and snacks to save a little bit of cash. Or just socialize at a cool Steampunk bar.

Shower before and after the event. Especially if you are dressing up, you will sweat a lot. Your body and the people around you will appreciate it a lot.

Bring a few extra safety pins and a bit of duct tape with you. There is almost nothing that those two cannot save and repair. Both have saved my outfits so many times already. And they almost don’t take up any space in your bags.

#5: Make the event your unique and fun adventure

Have fun. Make the events something you are enjoying. Leave the stress of 9 to 5 at your office and try to relax and live in the moment. If you are like me, socialize with other people. This is obviously up to you, but what really makes Steampunk Events great, are the people. I have met so many great people at these events already. I wouldn’t want to miss them. Get to know fellow Steampunk people and share your thoughts and stories with them. Make the event your personal fun adventure!

Photo by: Antonio Friedemann

I hope I could reduce your anxiousness about your next Steampunk event a little bit. Your first time is going to be something special, so enjoy your ride. The guide is supposed to give you a little overview on things to keep in mind. However, please adjust it as you please. Share what else you do to prepare for Steampunk events on the MadBurner Facebook Page.

If you want to dress up full-on Steampunk, check out our Quick Guide on Steampunk Fashion. I am currently working on a more in-depth guide to Steampunk fashion. Be sure not to miss it by subscribing to the MadBurner Newsletter or by following MadBurner on Facebook.

As always: Stay mad!


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