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October 04, 2017 2 min read

Finding your perfect Steampunk Top Hat can be a pain in the ass. The color might not be perfect, the size might not fit, or maybe it just sucks. At MadBurner I always try to find the Steampunk Fashion item you have always craved. In case I haven’t been able to find your perfect fit just yet, you could try crafting the item of your dreams yourself. The cool part about Do-It-Yourself-Projects is, that you can adapt it to whatever you truly want. Like with finding products on the mass variety of online shops, searching for existing DIY tutorials can be quite time consuming.

MadBurner Steampunk Top Hat DIY Tutorials

I browsed the internet for you and curated these 5 best video DIY tutorials on crafting your own cool Steampunk Top Hat. If you haven’t checked our collection of awesome Steampunk Top Hats, you can find them here.

The results of these 5 DIY tutorials don’t only look awesome, the explanation on how to craft them is also very easy to follow.

#1: Steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland

YouTube Channel: Eddy Hutchons

#2: Steampunk meets metal plates

YouTube Channel: Lost Wax

#3: Steampunk meets Neptune

YouTube Channel: kevin Devine

#4: Steampunk meets Mini

YouTube Channel: Lost Wax

#5: Steampunk meets rusty iron

YouTube Channel: Madeyewlook


I hope you loved watching these 5 DIY tutorials as much as I did. If you love hand crafting yourself as much as I do, I am sure you will create something awesome after these 5 inspirational tutorials.. Follow your instincts and make your Steampunk Top Hat just as you have always pictured it.                                  

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As always: Stay mad!


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