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5 Best Steampunk Goggles DIY Tutorials

Posted by Julian Petrich on

5 Best Steampunk Goggles DIY Tutorials

After last week’s blog post (you can find it here) I stumbled into a little DIY rabbit hole myself. It’s amazing how many people out there are designing and crafting their own Steampunk items these days. Even better for us that a few of them show us how they did it. By now I have tried myself on two hats already. The results were – let’s say – not quite satisfactory. I am sure you can do much better!

To keep your creativity tamed, I curated the 5 best Steampunk Goggles DIY Tutorials for you. I am sure they will fit your Steampunk Outfit perfectly. It’s always cool to have a variety of Steampunk Goggles handy to make you really stand out. Check out our collection of Steampunk Goggles to find a pair that will swipe you off your feet. You can find it here.

MadBurner Steampunk Goggles DIY Tutorials

But enough said. Check out these 5 awesome Steampunk Goggles DIY tutorials. After you finish crafting your pair, please send us a cool picture of you wearing them. We would love to see them in action. Heads up: The fifth DIY tutorial is in Thai. I thought it is too awesome to miss, so I included it anyhow.

#1: Brass Steampunk Goggles

YouTube Channel: Lost Wax

#2: Copper Steampunk Goggles

YouTube Channel: Darkrevette

#3: Aviator Steampunk Goggles

YouTube Channel: MakeupMinionTV

#4: Lightened Steampunk Goggles

YouTube Channel: K1025

#5: Leather Steampunk Goggles

YouTube Channel: skud duncan


I hope you loved watching these 5 DIY tutorials as much as I did. If you love hand crafting yourself as much as I do, I am sure you will create something awesome after these 5 inspirational tutorials.. Follow your instincts and make your Steampunk Goggles just as you have always pictured it. Please send us a picture of the result. I would love to see you in your new Goggles.                                

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As always: Stay mad!


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